Why I sometimes don't answer questions
Posted February 10th 2012, 6:26pm
Perhaps you have noticed that I will sometimes answer a question immediately, and at other times will ignore a question. I am not a mind reader, nor can I teleport to your system to see why something isn't working. So I usually need some help from you to assist with answering your question. Here's some advice:

Do NOT say "it doesn't work". That is the fastest way for me to ignore your question. If you are having trouble with a script, please open your Error Console, clear it, reload the page, and tell me the EXACT error message(s) you see. If your problem requires a screen shot, do NOT upload a full-screen capture with a tiny area circled -- crop the screen shot to only show the problem area, and upload only that portion of the screen shot.

These are standard steps followed by the technical support staffs at most companies, and the reason is that they work. So please, if you have a question, try your best to follow these steps. Thank you for your cooperation.
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