Introducing InstallDD™
Posted January 19th 2014, 10:20am
About two years ago I developed a one-click-install program for phpBB 3.0 modifications and styles (yes, styles!) that I provided to some clients. After giving it some thought, I decided that all modifications I provide should be in this form as opposed to "hacks". So here is InstallDD™, the program I distribute to my clients to install modifications and styles.

To install InstallDD™, download and un-ZIP the following file:

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Then place the installdd.php, installdd.html, and diondesigns.php files in your phpBB root directory (where config.php and common.php are located). Finally, making sure you are logged in as a founder of the board, point your browser to http://(your board domain)/installdd.php. InstallDD™ will install itself, delete the other two files, and present you with a simple menu that lets you upload ZIPped modifications and styles.

If a modification requires the editing of a template file, that modification is only guaranteed to work with the Prosilver style. It will probably work with many/most Prosilver-based styles. It will NOT work with any subsilver2-based style. If you are using subsilver2 or a style based on subsilver2, you have been warned!

The first public InstallDD™ modification will be available immediately. Two additional InstallDD™ modifications will be available immediately to members. All three (default avatar, contact form, like system) are features on the Dion Designs Discussion board.

Using InstallDD™, you can now directly upload the ZIP files of styles you have obtained from the phpbb.com styles database and elsewhere. There is no longer any need to un-ZIP a style locally, then use FTP to upload every file/directory individually. Once you upload the style, you will be immediately taken to the phpBB ACP Styles page where you can install the style into phpBB.

Once you upload a modification, you will see two new buttons on the InstallDD™ main page. These buttons will allow you to install or uninstall modifications. When complete, you will see a brief confirmation message and perhaps some additional text from the modification.

If an install fails, you should click the link to display the modification's DIY instructions. You can use those instructions as a guide to manually install the modification.

This method of providing modifications has many benefits, as you will see with the first set of modifications I will be making available.

InstallDD™ supports adding styles/themes that also require code modifications. This was the reason why I wrote InstallDD™. I needed a simple method for clients to install a style/theme such as phyreφhi that also required modifications to core PHP files. Stupid question: Am I the only person who doesn't understand why phpBB uses the term "style" when "theme" is the correct term, and vice versa?

I hope you like what you see, and please feel free to make comments/suggestions about InstallDD™. My plan is to convert all "hacks" in this forum to InstallDD™-compatible ZIP files and move them to their own forum.
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