Some useful forumotion variables/functions
Posted December 28th 2010, 9:55pm
I have seen a lot of scripts that duplicate functions already available in forumotion's system script. Why re-invent the wheel? Here's a short list of some of the more useful variables and functions available to you:

mouse_x Variable containing the current x-coordinate of the mouse.

mouse_y Variable containing the current y-coordinate of the mouse.

is_ie Variable set to TRUE if browser is Internet Explorer, FALSE if not.

value=my_getcookie(name) Retrieves a cookie, where "name" is the name of the cookie, and "value" is the value of the cookie returned by the function.

my_setcookie(name,value,sticky) Creates/updates a cookie, where "name" is the name of the cookie, "value" is the value of the cookie, "sticky" is set to TRUE if you want a permanent cookie and FALSE if you want a session cookie.

createTitle(null,string,x,y) Creates a pop-up box, where "null" is a placeholder (forumotion uses "this"), "string" is the string to place in the pop-up box, "x" is the x-coordinate of the top-left of the box (forumotion uses "event.pageX"), and "y" is the y-coordinate of the top-left of the box (forumotion uses "event.pageY"). Use with onmouseover.

destroyTitle() Removes the pop-up box created by createTitle(). Use with onmouseout.
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